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999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club, V2

    Featuring "Polar MPA Pair Stretch" and "GT9 Zero Pair Predictor" 
Lottery Strategies

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999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club, V2


For only the second time in its history, 999 Book of Numbers is releasing secret Members' Only Lottery Strategies that any Pick 3 Lottery Player can use to increase their odds of scoring a straight or box hit in the single-state, non-computerized lottery games!

In Volume 1 of the 999 Players Club Series we introduced you to the M1G-GT9 strategy that gave you just 3 to 4 main combinations to play in the Pick 3 games based on your last lottery draw, while the GT9 Difference strategy in that Volume gave you just two main pairs to play.

Both lottery strategies in Volume 1 were designed to help you predict your winner in 9 draws or less!

In Volume 2 of the Series, we give you lottery strategy #3 which we like to call the "Polar-MPA Pair Stretch". This system reveals in step-by-step, easy to understand terms how you can predict upcoming lottery draws based on the last digit of your last lottery drawing!

Strategy #4 in this Volume moves you up the scale a notch in your lottery game by helping you learn how to divide and conquer. You see, in the lottery game, it is helpful if you do not see every lottery combination as looking like every other combination. This strategy which we call the "GT9 Zero Pair Predictor" gives you trigger combinations to watch for in your drawings, then shows you how to determine which zero (0) pair is most likely to show as a result of that particular trigger. A side benefit of this strategy for some state players will be the bonus tip that SBIP999 reveals at the end which turns this strategy into a potent "doubles" identifier in your state games. And who wouldn't want to double the money with just one simple tweak. This tip alone--if your state takes a liking to it--is worth the cost of admission!

With all the strategies in Volume 1 and Volume 2, you will discover just a few of the nine fundamental properties of numbers, and before long, be able to impress your friends with your vast lottery knowledge...and more importantly, your winnings!

The strategies in this Volume will put you way ahead of the pack as you start to play the Pick 3 game with more and more confidence, and more and more wins. Grab your copy today while introductory pricing is still in effect….Good Luck Player!

999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club, V2

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***2 SBIP999 Lottery Strategies in 1 Volume***

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"I bought your pick 3 and pick 4 (lottery systems). They are really great and they work in Maryland. I hit the first time I tried the pick 3 system... " 

S.S. in Baltimore



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999 Book of Numbers

“Thank you so much for your generosity. I’m impressed with the HD4-600 System. It is for real quite unlike so many out there. You are truly a genius. This is the first system I have seen targeting triples and quads...”

- I…A in Georgia-   

"Hello! This is [XXX] again! I just wanted to say that your MM-2Z lottery system is the best cash 3 system that I have ever seen in my life! It hit again today in South Carolina with 150 off of the numbers. I am just sorry that I didn't play again. Thanks for creating this great system! I wish you could create a system like this for cash 4!"

QC in South Carolina


"Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Pick 4 game. I have been studying this game for a while and I am glad that you created this book. If you ever come up with a way to pick doubles I will be more than happy to purchase it as well...” 

  - J.S. in Georgia